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With over 50 years in business we are continually grateful to our customers and employees that have been with along for the ride and made this possible.  With hard work and dedication W. Silver, Inc. has become a leading national producer of rolled and fabricated steel products.  From 1969 to today our business has continued to  grow and we have expanded rapidly supplying the Farm, Ranch and Agriculture Markets.

The W.Silver Way

Value. Certainly, production and costs are critical to the well-being of the Company, but these considerations never take precedence over safety, employee health or the environment. We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. We further believe that safety and health considerations are integral to, and compatible with all other management functions in the organization. We know that safety and health management will enhance rather than adversely affect production or costs.

  • Green Initiatives – we recognize our responsibility towards the environment.

  • Quality Standards – we ensure the highest quality is used for our products.

  • Safety First – zero work place injuries and occupational illnesses is our objective.

Quality, Safety, Health & Environment


Our Vision, To profitably grow our business through providing our customers with quality products, real value, and premium service.

Our Mission, To provide perfect quality products, services, and solutions that create value for our customers, employees, and owners.

Provide a safe environment to our employees

Make our customers the focus of everything we do.

Recognize our people as our greatest asset by creating an environment that attracts, retains, and respects every individual regardless of our difference.

Be considerate of the environment and our communities.

Keep our commitments.

Systematically do things better.

As an organization, W. Silver Inc., recognizes its responsibility towards the environment. The process of converting rail into finished goods is at the heart of its green initiatives. Even a by-product of the rolling process, such as scale, is carefully segregated and sold to other companies to be used as an aggregate for concrete making.

Other highlights are:

Timer-activated building lights. Usage of natural light via skylights

Interlocks in the process that shut off conveyors when the other machines in  the line are not operational

Continuous improvement in increasing the power factor of the electrical     usage to maximize efficient usage of electrical power

Thorough segregation of process waste such as used oil, grease, oily rags and gloves, which are then disposed off to a local vendor who perform further segregation and disposal

Printing is discouraged and communication through electronic media is promoted strongly

Recycling program for trash is in the works, wherein waste will be sorted as per guidelines from local utility company

W. Silver Inc., is committted to providing the highest quality standards for our customers through the selction of only the best resources. We use the latest in production standards that produce consistent quality and we measure the results using industry standard testing instruments.

  • Spectrometer – we ensure that only the rail steel with the highest quality is used for our products.
  • Exploranium Radiation Detection System – All incoming loads are inspected to ensure that they do not contain any radioactive material
  • DOA Certificated Scale – All our shipping scales are DOA certified
  • Hardness, Tensile & Bend Testing – Our fence post 1.33 spec products comply with ASTM A702 standards
  • Paint Viscosity and Thickness Test

Zero work-related injuries and illnesses have been long-standing goals for W. Silver, Inc. However when zero first became the target, it seemed unreachable, “accidents are inevitable”, was often the response. They are not. We can attain zero. In many departments it is already here thanks to dedicated effort and a firm commitment to our core values. One of which is to work safely every day in a manner that protects our employees, contractors, customers, and the communities where we operate.

Safety Doesn’t Hurt

Priority. The safety and health of all W. Silver, Inc. employees, along with our commitment to the environment, are of the highest priority. Our objective is zero work place injuries and occupational illnesses.

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W. Silver, Inc. uses Green Production Processes and only 100% Recycled Steel!

Because we only use USA recycled steel rail we are naturally a green alternative.  Rail steel is originally made to the highest standards to ensure durability and safety for rail lines.  So the very best recycled steel available means long lasting durability for all W. Silver products. The American steel industry isn’t what you’d think. And for good reason. For over a quarter century, electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaking has made steel greener, safer and the most energy efficient in the world today.  Over 70% of all steel made in America is sustainably produced using electric arc furnaces. EAF steel is the backbone of our country.



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